International Clients

For more than 40 years, Cambridge Systematics has successfully helped clients across the Americas, Europe, Asia, and Australia address their most critical transport issues. Working on a myriad of projects spanning all transport modes, we have become a trusted advisor to a growing list of international clients.

We engage in a collaborative process with our clients, partners, and cross-functional teams consisting of experts from across the world, creating a healthy environment for generating new and innovative ideas, using proven methodologies, yet tailored to developing innovative strategies and delivering smarter solutions that work in our global economy.

Cambridge Systematics’ depth of experience and knowledge in these service areas allows us to bring global best practices to our clients. Our international project experience includes:

Transportation Planning and Policy – Cambridge Systematics has assisted international clients and international aid agencies on a range of transportation planning and policy issues. Our staff presented an executive level course on transportation policy development, planning, and management best practices to Indonesian leaders, planning officials, and policy-makers. For the City of Moscow and in the Philippines, we developed recommendations for establishing a long term transportation system planning process, and for Mexico City evaluated the feasibility of an auto-restricted zone in the central historic district. For the London Docklands district, we assessed transit access options, and in Korea helped develop transport performance indicators that can be shared with the international community for transport policy development and comparison. For Mesoamerica, we've developed a methodology for assessing the greenhouse gas impacts of transportation projects.

Travel Forecasting – Cambridge Systematics has been involved in a broad range of international projects focused on developing and applying travel demand models. We've developed state-of-the-art travel models for the Amsterdam and Tel Aviv metropolitan areas, an interregional travel model for Germany, a freight model for Moscow, and modeling support for a number of capacity expansion projects in Qatar. We have been part of teams developing and applying travel models for high-speed rail projects in Italy and Australia, for traffic revenue forecasts for a new toll bridge in Argentina, and tolled motorways in the United Kingdom.

Asset Management and Performance Management – Cambridge Systematics has developed asset management systems for a number of international clients, including pavement, bridge, and maintenance management systems work in Finland; a bridge management system for Sweden; and a pavement management system for Israel. We have provided training for the Pontis® bridge management system in Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, Australia, and the United Kingdom. Our staff have played leadership roles in organizing two international conferences on performance management and participated in a 2010 international scan on performance management identifying best practices in the United Kingdom, Sweden, Australia, and New Zealand.

Economic Feasibility and Impact Studies – Cambridge Systematics has been involved in a broad range of projects evaluating the economic impacts of specific transportation investment projects and their relationship to broader economic development strategies. Examples include airport expansion projects in Scotland and Japan; highway investments in Finland and Norway; a new river crossing in Edinburgh, Scotland; and direct and indirect costs of traffic congestion in Egypt.

Plan for Success

From a broad portfolio of transport services, to an objective approach and data-driven analysis, our dedicated team of experts work with organizations to navigate current and future transport challenges and achieve their desired results.

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