Regional & Local Agencies and Authorities

Regional coalitions, metropolitan planning organizations (MPO), county, and local transportation agencies, as well as port authorities, steamship authorities, and transportation authorities, face increasingly complex passenger and goods movement issues. Land use, environmental, and economic impacts all must be considered carefully, and community concerns surfaced and addressed. Budgets are constrained, so both investment assessment and financing strategies are of heightened importance.

Cambridge Systematics understands the challenges of transportation planning, operations, and management at the regional and local levels. We have partnered with more than 60 MPOs, 70 regional and county agencies, 100 cities, and numerous authorities to address pressing transportation issues. Our deep understanding of transportation policies and programs — derived from our heritage of work in the Federal, state, and local arenas — facilitate our innovative application of state-of-the-art tools and guidelines for cities, counties, and regions. Our commitment to comprehensive analysis, objective recommendations, and a collaborative approach enables better results, more productive public participation, and stronger client partnerships.



Use this interactive map to view Cambridge Systematics’ regional work across the nation.

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