Cambridge Systematics is committed to improving the communities in which we live and work. As part of that commitment, we encourage behavior to live and do business in a green way that becomes efficient and part of our everyday life. In fact, Cambridge Systematics was recognized by the City of Cambridge with the GoGreen Business Award for outstanding environmental efforts by businesses and institutions in the transportation category in 2008. In addition:

  • We seek office locations in pedestrian-friendly communities and areas easily accessible to public transportation. We provide employees with a monthly public transportation subsidy, and in many locations, secure bicycle parking, employee shower/changing facility, and healthy initiatives to encourage and increase walking/bicycling. In turn, we support our local businesses. Several of our largest offices (Austin, TX; Cambridge, MA; Atlanta, GA; Bethesda, MD; Chicago, IL; New York, NY; and Oakland, CA) are located within walking distance of major urban public transportation systems. In fact, our corporate office in Cambridge has been recognized as a Bike Friendly Business for three consecutive years and also is a proud member of the Best Workplaces for Commuters, a program aimed at improving the way employees get to and from work.
  • We purchase recycled office products; including paper with a minimum 30 percent recycled content to reduce waste, whenever available. We provide employees with reusable ceramic mugs therefore eliminating paper cups, and replacing plastic cutlery with dishwasher-safe recycled utensils.
  • Our Facilities Department reduces and minimizes resource consumption and waste by using cost-effective and environmentally beneficial procedures including a change of printer settings that reduces the consumption of paper toner, and energy. Our implementation of paperless instructions, on-line manuals and forms, as well as installation of software that will wake up computers only when necessary and automatic light switches help to reduce the firm’s carbon footprint in the office. We also utilize video conferencing between offices to reduce our emissions from travel.
  • Cambridge Systematics provides socially responsible funds that support environmental sustainability to the employee 401K offerings.
  • As part of our 35th Anniversary, Cambridge Systematics donated $10k to the Conservation Fund; a non-profit organization that protects nearly 7 million acres of wildlife habitat, working forests, farms, parks and historical sites across U.S. Conservation Fund has an unwavering understanding that for conservation to last, efforts need to make economic sense. Their land conservation work often has economic benefits, whether they’re protecting a working forest that provides timber and jobs or saving recreation destinations that attract tourists. Our donations help the Fund to conserve land so that our children will enjoy the same outdoors that we do today; protect critical wildlife habitat; add acres to national and state parks; and help cities plan and grow green space. Their Go Zero program, a voluntary carbon offset program, planted its millionth tree last year and has helped restore native forestland in more than 3 national wildlife refuges. In July, 2008 The Conservation Fund dedicated the Marais des Cygnes National Wildlife Refuge near Kansas City. Our donation helped acquire this lovely wildlife refuge and it now houses the CS Go Zero grove!
  • We also kicked off an Environmental Sustainability Competition as part of Cambridge Systematics’ 35th Anniversary celebration. Eight teams formed and spent several weeks working on their entries. Employees voted for their favorite team, based on creativity; level of effort; and impact – immediate and long term – on the environment. The outcomes were positive and projects included bicycle commuting incentives, recycling, and ways to integrate sustainability into everyday life.

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