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Cambridge Systematics, Inc. was founded in 1972 by four Massachusetts Institute of Technology professors with a colleague in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The firm was founded under the charter of "the application of systematic analysis to problems of transportation, the environment, urban development, and regional planning."

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We experienced rapid growth in the 1970s, and established a second office on the west coast. Responding to the growth of national planning and resource management issues, the company opened our third office in Washington, D.C. in 1991. The addition of this office enhanced the service offered to Federal agencies, as well as services for mid-Atlantic and nationwide clientele. To meet expanding market and client needs, we opened several additional offices located throughout the U.S. between 2002 and 2009 and added a number of local, multidisciplinary experts. Their extensive experience in a range of transportation products and services allowed us to build on our long and successfully history of working with transportation agencies to ensure the highest level of service and support.

In 2011, we expanded our footprint to support our international clients and our leadership transitioned after 25 years. Lance Neumann stepped into the role of Chairman of the Board after many successful years as President and CEO. He continues to be actively engaged with our clients and focused on key national transportation policy issues. Brad Wright, former Vice President and leader of our Freight Business Line, became Cambridge Systematics’ third President and CEO in June 2011. His attention is directed at understanding the diverse needs of our client base, while delivering high-quality innovative solutions and excellent client service that have been the keys to our success during the last 40 years.

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Today Cambridge Systematics remains an independent, employee-owned firm, recognized throughout the world. The firm continues to specialize in transportation and is a leader in the development and implementation of innovative policy and planning solutions, objective analysis, and technology applications. Our staff members are personally committed to partnering with our clients to improve the quality of transportation services now and for future generations.

After 40 years, we continually try to address our clients’ needs and create value by sharing our knowledge and experience. One way we achieve this is by providing a Knowledge Bank filled with innovative case studies, white papers, publications, Ask the Experts, and more dedicated to helping transportation industry members better understand the current transportation climate.

We’ve come a long way since 1972. See how major events and significant contributions helped shape our firm and the transportation industry. Explore our interactive timeline to learn more about the history of Cambridge Systematics up through the exciting projects we're working on today.

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