If Transportation Is Your Focus, Cambridge Systematics Can Help Achieve Your Goals

We are transportation specialists, dedicated to ensuring that transportation investments deliver the best possible results. By providing innovative policy and planning solutions, objective analysis, and technology applications, we help our clients meet future transportation needs while improving the performance of existing infrastructure and operations. Above all, we are committed to our clients’ success in making transportation better for future generations. This commitment has resulted in strong relationships and repeat business with our clients.

What We Do

Cambridge Systematics specializes in:

  • Policy, strategic planning, and management; transit; rail planning; economic analysis; freight systems and intermodal planning; transportation safety; transportation and the environment; forecasting; operations and simulation; performance-based planning and program management; innovative financing strategies; software and information technology consulting; and geographic information systems and data management.
  • Customized tools and products for operations management, including regulatory systems for commercial vehicles; infrastructure management, including bridge, pavement, planning, and budgeting systems; and planning and program development, including freight analysis and other tools to help our clients evaluate, prioritize, and optimize investment in transportation projects and programs.

Cambridge Systematics serves local, state, national, and international agencies in the public and private transportation industries.

The Cambridge Systematics Difference

Our in-depth consulting services along with our proven ability to deliver innovative solutions and strong focus on our client relationships are what make Cambridge Systematics a reliable, ethical, and influential business partner that you can count on. We combine:

Specialization in Transportation

By focusing exclusively on transportation, Cambridge Systematics is able to provide our clients with unique breadth and depth of industry knowledge and experience. We know the issues, the tools, the data, and the problem-solving processes involved in addressing transportation challenges. We reduce your risk and create practical solutions – the first time around.

Industry Leaders

Outstanding practitioners representing a range of disciplines are affiliated with Cambridge Systematics. We attract and retain industry leaders. When you work with Cambridge Systematics, the experts that design your solution lead the team that delivers your solution.

Innovative Solutions

From assisting agencies in complying with new regulations to surveying ridership on local transit lines – Cambridge Systematics excels in helping clients plan for and implement change. Although we’re known for solving the toughest industry problems, we also provide practical solutions to a wide range of industry challenges at the Federal, state, regional, local, and international levels. We offer a global perspective, with an understanding of local needs and objectives.

Objective Approach

We are focused on finding the best solutions for our clients. We take all aspects of a project into account – environmental, regulatory, political, economic, community – and work with our clients to meet the project goals. Our work in investment-grade forecasts, independent audits, and peer reviews has provided us with an objective perspective and approach to problem-solving.

Partnership with Our Clients

Cambridge Systematics collaborates with partners and clients in many ways. We select projects in which our expertise is valued, acting as a prime contractor or a subcontractor. Most importantly, we are dedicated to transferring skills and knowledge to our clients and partners so they can seamlessly incorporate them into plans and designs.

Community Service

Cambridge Systematics is dedicated to working with our clients and others to improve the communities in which we live and work. In addition to our work in transportation, we make significant contributions of our time and money in support of community development. Read more about how our employees are making a difference.

Learn More

While our web site provides an overview of who we are and what we do, we encourage you to call us to discuss your current and future transportation needs. You’ll discover our commitment to remain the leading provider of transportation consultative services in the markets that we serve.

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