Leadership Team

The Cambridge Systematics leadership team is focused on ensuring that the firm continues to earn our reputation as a leader in providing innovative, objective, high-quality, and pragmatic solutions to the transportation industry’s mobility, infrastructure, safety, and economic challenges. We are driven to exceed client expectations, attract and retain the best staff, and deliver the best results possible. Our leaders are expert practitioners as well as managers. You can find them doing what they love best, solving client problems, developing partner and client relationships, and using their expertise to contribute to industry organizations.


For more details about our senior leadership, please click on a name below:

Brad W. Wright, President and Chief Executive Officer
Candace S. Macomber Tobin, Chief Financial Officer
Steven A. Capecci, Chief of Consulting Operations
Sarah S. Ginand, Chief of Corporate Services
Vassili Alexiadis, Ph.D., Executive Vice President
James J. Brogan, Executive Vice President
Steven M. Pickrell, P.E., Executive Vice President
Kimon E. Proussaloglou, Ph.D., Executive Vice President
Eric A. Ziering, Executive Vice President

Cambridge Systematics also has an illustrious board of directors whose leadership, innovation, and dedication help guide the firm toward our goal of improving the quality of transportation services now and for future generations.

For more details about our Board of Directors, please click on a name below:

Moshe Ben-Akiva

Moshe Ben-Akiva is the Edmund K. Turner Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering at MIT, and Director of the MIT Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Program. He received a Ph.D. in Transportation Systems from MIT and is the recipient of honorary doctor degrees from the Université Lumière Lyon, France and the University of the Aegean, Greece. Dr. Ben-Akiva’s areas of research include transportation systems, transportation demand and network modeling, infrastructure management, market research and econometrics. He has pioneered in the development and application of the discrete choice and demand modeling techniques that are being widely applied in a variety of disciplines and industries. His work in this area was cited in the 2000 Nobel Prize in Economics awarded to Dan McFadden.

Emil H. Frankel
Robert Kasameyer
Lance A. Neumann
Kathleen Stein
Brad W. Wright

A select number of individuals are authorized to bind Cambridge Systematics. If you have any questions concerning signing authority, please contact Janet Harris Wolf, Director of Contracts and Legal Counsel, at (312) 346-9907.

In addition to our leaders listed above, below are the Principals of our firm. Our Principals have earned a strong reputation as industry experts and business partners to their clients. Cambridge Systematics promotions to Principal are made on an annual basis in recognition of contribution to the firm, excellence, and innovation, as well as exceptional client services.

Daniel Beagan
Sheldon Brown
Jeffrey Buxbaum
Stephen Decker
Paula Dowell
John Duesing
John Evans
Michael Fischer
Erin Flanigan
Lance Grenzeback
Joseph Guerre
Peter Haliburton
Christopher Hedden
Susan Herbel
Kevin Howard
Laurie Hussey
Krista Jeannotte

Mark Jensen
John Kaliski
Daniel Krechmer
Arun Kuppam
David Kurth
Lorrie Laing
Kenneth Leonard
John Lewis
Hugh Louch
Donald Ludlow
Richard Margiotta
George Mazur
William Morris
Karen Nocito
Keir Opie
Christopher Porter
Adnan Rahman

Arlee Reno
Thomas Rossi
Douglas Sallman
Richard Schulte
Barbara Sloan
Paul Smith
Jennifer Strasser
Brian ten Siethoff
Dawn Tice
Anita Vandervalk-Ostrander
Nicholas Vlahos
Kenneth Voorhies
Herbert Weinblatt
Ronald West
Michael Williamson
Janet Wolf
Christopher Wornum


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