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Congratulations to Dr. Lance Neumann, Recipient of the 2015 TRB Roy W. Crum Award
We Congratulate Erin Flanigan, Named Distinguished Alumna at University of Texas, Austin
NCHRP 20-07(365), TSM&O Program Planning – Experiences from the SHRP 2 Implementation Assistance Program
Maryland Climate Commission Support
FHWA Technical Analysis to Support the Development of Performance Measures Related to Congestion, Delay, and Freight Performance
Indianapolis MPO Transportation Conformity Support
Chicago Area Waterway System Evaluation
FHWA Safety Target-Setting Coordination
FHWA Mobile Source Air Toxics Research
DC OP Architectural/Engineering Services
SCAG Environmental Justice, Public Health, Active Transportation Project
MTC Freight Emissions Reduction Plan
NCHRP 8-36(128) – Data Visualization Methods for Transportation Agencies
Idaho DOT Statewide Freight Strategic Plan
GTRA Project Prioritization Criteria
Cambridge Systematics Announces New Leadership of its Largest Business Line
Douglas County Direct Connect Ramps
Industrial Warehousing in Southern California
New Mexico DOT HPMS Support
NCHRP Project 08-95 – Cell Phone Location Data for Travel Behavior Analysis
FHWA VIUS Technology and Data Integration Assessment
and Pilot
Los Angeles Planning Transportation Consulting Services
Arkansas DOT Statewide Planning
Florida DOT D6 I-95 Corridor Wide Planning
Louisiana DOTD SHSP Development and Implementation
CS Brings Extreme Weather Risk Transportation Expertise to The Discovery Channel’s Innovations
Rhode Island DMV CVISN
DRCOG Commercial Vehicle Travel Study
West Virginia DOT HSP 2015
AMPO General Support
Demand for Cambridge Systematics’ Transportation Planning and Management Expertise Fosters Growth
Cambridge Systematics Announces Promotions to Principal
Cambridge Systematics Transitions Leadership of its Transportation Planning and Management Business Unit
South Carolina DOT TAMP
Nevada DOT Statewide Freight Plan
FHWA Safety Center for Excellence: Rural and Surface Transportation
Cambridge Systematics Welcomes Gary Hamrick to Growing Los Angeles Office
Cambridge Systematics’ New Transportation Safety Expert Attending LifeSavers National Conference
Cambridge Systematics Recognizes Two Exemplary Project Teams
Input Guidelines for Motor Vehicle Emissions Simulator Model, Volume 1: Practitioners’ Handbook: Regional Level Inputs
West Virginia SHSP Update
VIA Land Use Policy Support
Madison Metro Transit On-Board Survey
Cook-DuPage Smart Corridors Plan and Design Study
Cambridge Systematics’ Los Angeles Office is Moving Up with the Addition of Jolene Hayes and David Benoff
Intermodal Container Transfer Facility Expansion and Modernization Project EIR
Indiana DOT Study of Transportation Infrastructure Funding Mechanisms
AASHTO CTPP Technical Assistance
New Hampshire DOT TAMP
Central Arizona Governments Regional Strategic Transportation Safety Plan
VIA Metropolitan Transit Bus Improvement Plan
Bistate Regional Commission Freight Commodity Efficiency Plan
MTC Connected Vehicle Program Support
North Carolina DOT Statistical Analysis of Strategic Prioritization
FHWA Safety Data Management Systems and Processes
FHWA NPMRDS Freight and Operations Performance Measurement
Northeast Ohio Transportation Asset Management Program
1-Click|CS™ Launches Pilot in Jacksonville, Florida
FHWA Freight Intermodal Connectors
FHWA Incorporating Connected Vehicles into the Transportation Planning Process
FHWA Motorcycle Safety and ITS Gap Analysis
Memphis MPO Livability 2040 RTP
Mississippi DOT LRTP Update
Lagos Mega City Region Freight Demands Study
Cambridge Systematics Welcomes Experienced Transportation Analyst
Virginia DOT Urban Development Areas Technical Support
Arizona DOT SHSP Implementation
Maryland DOT GHG Reduction Act Plan Update
FHWA Active Transportation and Demand Management Trajectory Level Validation
Colorado DOT Development of Statewide Travel Model
Nashville Area MPO Regional Freight and Goods Movement Study
Los Angeles Metro Subregional Mobility Matrix – South Bay Cities
GTC Regional Bridge Network Needs Assessment and Investment Strategy
Integrating Climate Change Risk in Transportation Planning
Maryland Strategic Goods Movement Plan
West Virginia DOT Traffic Data Handbook
Minnesota DOT Statewide Freight System Plan
Los Angeles Metro Subregional Mobility Matrix
Cambridge Systematics Appoints New Member to Leadership Team
Freight Advanced Traveler Information Systems (FRATIS)
MTA Bus Time™ Named Project of the Year by ITS-NY
Cambridge Systematics Announces Promotions to Principal
Framework for Making Safe Transportation Decisions
Cathy DeMaggio’s Public Service Recognized
Cambridge Systematics’ West Coast Practice Expanding
Douglas County Direct Connect Ramps
Industrial Warehousing in Southern California
New Mexico DOT HPMS Support
NCHRP Project 08-95 – Cell Phone Location Data for Travel Behavior Analysis
How can a regional model be used to evaluate construction alternatives?
Researcher’s Expertise Will Bolster Asset Management Practice
DART Transit System Plan Transit Competitiveness Index Tool
Virginia DOT Office of Intermodal Programs and Investment Freight and Economics
Montana DOT Comprehensive Highway Safety Plan Update
FHWA Performance Management Rulemaking Public Comment Management and Analysis
HGAC Congestion Management Process Update
Inland Southern California Veterans Transportation Web Portal (1-Click)
NCHRP Integrating Goods and Services Movement by Commercial Vehicles in Smart Growth Environments
Staff Recognized for Exceptional Service
Vermont TIGER VI Grant Application Benefit/Cost Analysis
NCHRP Guide for Identifying, Classifying, Evaluating, and Mitigating Truck Freight Bottlenecks
MWCOG Regional Bus Staging, Layover, and Parking Location Study
South Carolina DOT Integrated Information Management System
Los Angeles Metro GIS Web-Based Sketch Planning and Forecasting Tools
Strategic Issues Facing Transportation, Volume 2: Climate Change, Extreme Weather Events, and the Highway System: Practitioner’s Guide and Research Report
Louisiana DOT Strategic Highway Safety Plan Implementation
Wisconsin DOT Travel Demand Model (2013 – Statewide Master Contract)
Mesa County Grand Junction 2040 Regional Transportation Plan
Federal Highway Administration Asset Management Gap Analysis and Outreach Support
VPA Economic Impact Analysis for Freight Movement
Staff Honored for Advancing Freight Technology
Washington Road Usage Charge Assessment
Chicago River North-Streeterville BRT Corridor Study
Virginia DOT District Safety Action Plans
VIA Metropolitan Transit Modeling Support
New York DOT Central Permits Office On-Site Support
NJTPA Regional Freight Commodity Profile Development
VIA Metropolitan Transit Awards Cambridge Systematics Five-Year GPC Contract
Port Operations Streamlined with Launch of Cutting-Edge Technology
Cambridge Systematics and IMaCS Announce Strategic Partnership
Safety Target Setting Final Report
December 2013, ITS International, Article
Douglas County C-470 Corridor Toll and Revenue Forecast Study
Florida DOT Transportation Asset Management Plan
MTC Climate Adaptation Pilot
New Mexico DOT 2040 Statewide Long-Range Multimodal Transportation Plan
Sound Transit Regional Data System Implementation Support
VIA South/West Connector Corridor Impact Study

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