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Framework for Making Safe Transportation Decisions

Chicago Area Waterway System Evaluation
September 2015, Report

For the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), Cambridge Systematics conducted an evaluation of the Chicago Area Waterway System’s (CAWS) physical infrastructure, assessed its use for goods movement, and provided background on historical investments in inland waterways. The findings of this evaluation give insight into the challenges that surround the waterway and provoke opportunities to re-imagine the way the CAWS may function as an economic, environmental, and cultural asset for the region in the future. more

Framework for Making Safe Transportation Decisions

Input Guidelines for Motor Vehicle Emissions Simulator Model,
Volume 1: Practitioners’ Handbook: Regional Level Inputs

September 2014, Report

For the American Association of State Highway Transportation Officials, Cambridge Systematics, as part of a team, developed a handbook for users of the Motor Vehicle Emissions Simulator Model (MOVES), the Environmental Protection Agency’s state-of-the-art tool for estimating emissions from highway vehicles. The handbook provides guidelines for MOVES users who wish to develop local input data for state implementation plan development, regional conformity analysis, project-level analysis, or any other purpose. more

Framework for Making Safe Transportation Decisions

Framework for Making Safe Transportation Decisions
May-June 2014, TR News, Article

CS’ Susan Herbel and Nicole Waldheim discuss seven principles for transportation planners at metropolitan planning organizations and state departments of transportation to use in integrating an explicit consideration of safety in transportation plans and programs. Copyright 2014 National Academy of Sciences. This article is posted with permission of the Transportation Research Board. more

NCHRP Report 750

Strategic Issues Facing Transportation, Volume 2: Climate Change, Extreme Weather Events, and the Highway System: Practitioner's Guide and Research Report
February 2014, Report

For the National Cooperative Highway Research Program (NCHRP), Cambridge Systematics, as part of a team, provided insights, guidance, and tools to mitigate the risks of climate change impacts on the nation’s highway systems and related intermodal facilities. This task synthesized the current state of knowledge on the range of climate change impacts on the highway system by region of the U.S. for the period 2030-2050 and recommended tools and strategies that state departments of transportation can use to adapt to these impacts. It also prepared guidance on methods for dealing with these impacts and identified future research needed to improve the understanding of possible impacts. more

Washington Road Usage Charge Assessment

Washington Road Usage Charge Assessment
January 2014, Report

For the Washington State Transportation Commission (WSTC), Cambridge Systematics led a feasibility study to determine whether road user charging was a feasible option for funding Washington’s transportation system. This second phase of work involved exploring policy issues and evaluating the business case. more

Safety Target Setting

Safety Target Setting Final Report
December 2013, Report

For the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), Cambridge Systematics reviewed the state-of-the-practice for setting safety targets by States and MPOs. The effort included a literature review, review of state safety documents, and targeted outreach via a peer exchange to identify current planning processes. The final report synthesizes the results of the research and provides States and MPOs with a framework for setting safety targets as required by MAP-21. more

Double Vision

Double Vision
December 2013, ITS International, Article

Cambridge Systematics’ Keir Opie, along with Michael Marsico, Andrew Weeks and Murat Ayçin explain how traffic modeling, particularly mesoscopic-microscopic hybrid simulation, has played a key role in planning for the future of the 1.3-mile Sheridan Expressway in New York City. Copyright © 2013 This article is posted with permission from Route One Publishing Ltd. more

Double Vision

Improving Analysis Tools for Passenger Travel
November-December 2013, TR News, Article

Cambridge Systematics’ Tom Rossi, along with Gordon Garry of SACOG, explain how a recently completed SHRP 2 project has contributed to the evolution of travel modeling from an aggregate, trip-based approach to a dynamic, completely disaggregate methodology. Copyright © 2013 National Academy of Sciences. This article is posted with permission of the Transportation Research Board. more


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