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Oklahoma DOT and Department of Public Safety Select Transportation Solution from Cambridge Systematics and Intergraph® (November 18, 2009)

Automated oversize/overweight routing and permitting application streamlines workflows to increase safety and efficiency.

The Oklahoma Department of Transportation (DOT) and Department of Public Safety will automate their oversize/overweight vehicle routing and permitting functions with an integrated transportation solution from Cambridge Systematics, Inc. and Intergraph®. The automated system will streamline the permit submission, review and issuance processes for the State and motor carriers, improve the safety of oversize/overweight vehicle movements and help preserve the State’s transportation infrastructure.

"The safe and efficient permitting and routing of oversize/overweight vehicles are key components of successful DOT operations," said Jay Adams, chairman of the selection committee for oversize/overweight routing and permitting at Oklahoma DOT. "We have been working with Intergraph for several years to manage our geographic information system (GIS) and linear referencing system (LRS), as well as to geospatially power our intranet and Web portal. Due to the success of these projects, we are pleased that Intergraph has partnered with Cambridge Systematics to offer a combined, turnkey solution for oversize/overweight routing and permitting that will further boost our productivity, enhance driver safety and help manage our infrastructure."

Cambridge Systematics will customize its Permitcs™ system to meet the unique requirements of the State of Oklahoma and will integrate it with mapping/routing software provided by Intergraph. By combining its solution with Intergraph’s routing technology, the team offers Oklahoma a complete solution for conducting online permitting for oversize/overweight vehicles, automatically generating safe travel routes, sharing temporary changes in road conditions in real-time and logging routes for simple tracking and improved infrastructure management – all through an easy-to-use, Web-based application.

"We are excited to be partnering with Intergraph to offer the State of Oklahoma a permit and routing solution that leverages the State’s existing GIS and linear referencing technology and Cambridge Systematics’ truck permitting technology," said Brad Wright, Vice President and Manager of Cambridge Systematics’ Freight Transportation business line.

"Intergraph transportation industry solutions help ensure that people and assets move safely and efficiently across the world, and help transportation and government agencies more clearly and cost-effectively manage and protect their roadway infrastructure," said Jay Stinson, Vice President of Government & Transportation for Intergraph. "Moving forward, we will continue to develop configurable, out-of-the-box solutions for DOTs – such as the oversize/overweight routing application – to enable organizations to more fully leverage geospatial data to increase efficiency and improve overall operations and safety."

Based on Intergraph GeoMedia® and technology from Cambridge Systematics, the new oversize/overweight routing and permitting application leverages roadway and bridge data for restrictive routing, which ensures that vehicles can pass safely. Specific functions enabled by this combined application include:

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