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Cambridge Systematics Wins Contract to Improve Safety on Local/Tribal Roads (October 25, 2012)

The Cambridge Systematics Safety Team, in partnership with Michigan Technological University and GP Strategies/PerformTech, announced their successful bid to develop tools, training, and technical assistance for local road and Tribal road practitioners. The project, under the direction of the Federal Highway Administration, is designed to reduce fatal and serious injury crashes on local roads, many of which are in rural or Tribal areas.

The impact of traffic crashes on rural roads in the United States is substantial. Forty percent of the vehicle-miles traveled are on rural roads, yet it is where 56 percent of the deaths occur. In fact, the fatal crash rate per vehicle-miles traveled was 2.7 times higher in rural areas then urban. Challenges faced by local and Tribal governments, including scarce resources, funding, and insufficient data, makes developing solutions difficult.

Under the project, Cambridge Systematics will develop a multidisciplinary, multistep toolkit for analyzing safety issues, identifying countermeasures, funding improvements, and evaluating program benefits on local and Tribal roads. Each step of the proposed process will recognize and provide information to the different categories of potential users – from organizations just starting to develop road safety management programs (perhaps with limited data) to organizations that have programs already in place, but may be seeking more advanced methods.

Two user guides will support the toolkit with more detailed information about available resources and, as appropriate, information about how to apply the quantitative steps in the proposed process. Other project activities include developing and providing training and technical assistance, particularly to agencies in the early stages of development to give them a boost needed to gain momentum and succeed.

About Cambridge Systematics, Inc.

Cambridge Systematics specializes in transportation and is a recognized leader in the development of innovative policy and planning solutions, objective analysis, and technology applications. The Cambridge Systematics Safety Team uses evidence-based, proven effective approaches to reduce the human and economic consequences of traffic crashes and provide Federal transportation agencies, national organizations, state departments of transportation, state highway safety offices, and regional planning organizations with “one-stop shopping” to meet all their safety needs.

For additional information on the project, contact Beth Wemple with the Cambridge Systematics Safety Team at 503-764-9065.

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