Cambridge Systematics Transportation Tools and Products

Sound Transit Regional Data Services™ (RDS)
Real Time and Scheduled Transit Information System

RDS Screenshot

A scalable platform for delivering accurate real time and scheduled transit information to travelers across the Seattle-Tacoma region. Learn more about the RDS project.

Trip Planning Software

1-Click Screenshot

An open source trip planning platform focused on the needs of veterans and others facing mobility challenges. Learn more about 1-Click|CS.

Activity-Based Modeling Platform

TourCast Screenshot

A powerful, new Activity-Based Modeling Platform designed to model critical travel behaviors and meet the needs of model practitioners. Learn more about TourCast.

ITS Visualization Software

OpsTrac Screenshot

An operations reporting and analysis system that integrates diverse transportation data streams in a hosted web application. Learn more about OpsTrac|CS.

Massachusetts Traffic Records Analysis Center

MassTrac Screenshot

A comprehensive data warehouse and web portal for safety planning, analysis, and reporting. Learn more about MassTRAC.

Transit Service Market Evaluation

TransitTools Screenshot

State-of-the-art tools to help transit planners understand potential markets, effectively deploy their resources, and increase ridership. Learn more about TransitTools|CS.

WebCAT™ and DataCAT™ 
The I-95 Corridor Analysis Tool

WebCAT Screenshot

Web-based systems that provide access to an integrated transportation model network spanning the I-95 corridor. Learn more about WebCAT or DataCAT.

Performance Measure Assessment and Collection Tool

PACT Screenshot

Enables transportation agencies to identify, document, manage, and report on goals, objectives, and performance measures. Learn more about PACT|CS.

Maintenance Budgeting System™
Performance-Based Maintenance Budgeting

Maintenace Budgeting System Screenshot

Develop maintenance budgets that link spending and results, and evaluate the impacts of budget changes. Learn more about Maintenance Budgeting System.

Oversize/Overweight Permitting System

Permit Screenshot

A fully automated permitting and routing solution that saves time and money and gets loads moving safely and efficiently. Learn more about Permit|CS.

Asset Investment Tradeoff Tool

AssetManager line chart

A visualization tool for exploring the performance implications of budget allocation strategies. Learn more about AssetManager.

FHWA Tools for Economic Analysis

NBIAS Screenshot

Perform investment planning and calculate benefits and needs for highways, bridges, and ITS equipment. Learn more about NBIAS, HERS, or IDAS.

Transportation Asset Management Platform

TransAM Screenshot

A full-featured, open source asset management platform with advanced capabilities. Learn more about TransAM.

1-Click|CS Kiosk™
Trip Planning Kiosk

1-Click Kiosk Screenshot

A stand-alone kiosk that delivers 1-Click capability where mobility is most needed. Learn more about the 1-Click|CS Kiosk.

MTA Bus Time™
Bus Customer Information System

MTA Bus Time Screenshot

An open source customer information system that delivers real-time information about bus locations and arrivals. Learn more about MTA Bus Time.

Tracking Implementation of Projects and Programs

OnTrack Screenshot

Encourage successful execution of complex projects and programs through effective monitoring and information sharing. Learn more about OnTrack|CS.

Traffic Count Program Management

AVID Screenshot

Software to Analyze, Visualize, Integrate, and Disseminate traffic count data and coordinate traffic count workflow. Learn more about AVID.

Traffic Information Management System™ 
Managing Traffic Counts in New York City

Traffic Count Management Screenshot

NYC DOT’s platform for scheduling, reviewing, displaying, and disseminating traffic counts and traffic count data. Learn more about Traffic Count Management System.

State-of-Good-Repair System for Transit Assets

PROGGRES Screenshot

A transit asset management­ and capital needs forecasting system that implements state-of-the-art SOGR principles. Learn more about PROGGRES|CS.

Interchange Management System™
Integrated Interchange Performance Model

IMS Screenshot

Model and evaluate the effectiveness of investments in intersection capacity to ensure best use of available funds. Learn more about Interchange Management System.

Project Prioritization System

Prioritas Screenshot

Rank and prioritize transportation projects using a transparent process that reflects agency policy goals and objectives. Learn more about Prioritas|CS.

CVIEW|CS™ and Portal|CS™
Motor Carrier Credentials and Transaction Processing

Portal Screenshot

Systems to automate processing of motor carrier regulatory transactions and improve efficiency, safety, and customer service. Learn more about CVIEW|CS or Portal|CS.

HEAT™ and PEAT™ 
Economic Analysis Tools

HEAT Screenshot

Understand the connection between capacity and economic development, and prioritize competing investment alternatives. Learn more about HEAT or PEAT.

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