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Safety, mobility, economic competitiveness, regulatory compliance, and community preservation all depend on the ability to collect, analyze, and display relevant and accurate data. Geospatial analysis and tools improve the speed and accuracy of decision-making in all of these areas by turning complex volumes of data into powerfully displayed communication of transportation alternatives. Cambridge Systematics has been perfecting the integration of our data analysis and geospatial technology services with our transportation domain expertise for more than 20 years.


Cambridge Systematics has been on the forefront of applying geographic information systems (GIS) technology to travel demand forecasting for more than a decade. We provide geospatial technology services to our clients, enabling them to make better decisions during the transportation planning process. We develop solutions that enable clients to apply geospatial methods to their business activities, from visualizing and measuring the impact of transportation projects to designing enterprise GIS systems. more

Data Management

Cambridge Systematics provides data management services and products that allow our clients to integrate data effectively into transportation management. Highly experienced when using data relating to transportation planning, operations, freight logistics, archived intelligent transportation systems (ITS), commercial vehicle operations (CVO), and asset management, our exclusive focus on transportation enables development that is rapid, pragmatic, and state-of-the-art. We understand the importance of ensuring data are collected, analyzed, integrated, and organized in such a way to provide for optimum decision-making by our clients. more

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