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As policy and planning experts as well as technicians, Cambridge Systematics, Inc. considers your future needs as well as your immediate concerns in designing our solutions. Highly experienced when using data relating to transportation planning, operations, freight logistics, archived intelligent transportation systems (ITS), commercial vehicle operations (CVO), and asset management, our exclusive focus on transportation enables development that is rapid, pragmatic, and state-of-the-art. We understand the importance of ensuring data are collected, analyzed, integrated, and organized in such a way to provide for optimum decision-making by our clients.

Our Services

  • Data Collection. We understand the details of data: traffic and vehicle classification, population and demographic, land use, travel, economic and business, freight, finance, infrastructure, air quality, and environmental. Our market research expertise enables us to devise innovative approaches to data collection and validation — qualitative and quantitative surveys, interviews, segmentation, stratified sampling, and online data capture methods.
  • Data Analysis and Integration. Organizing disparate sources of data so that they can be combined to provide for sound analysis is part art and part science. Having pioneered the development of a number of modeling techniques, we understand how to make effective use of geospatial data. We are experienced in data compilation, transformation, and integration, and have managed data for some of the nation’s most complex transportation databases. Cambridge Systematics supports the Highway Economic Requirements System (HERS), the Year 2000 Census Transportation Planning Package (CTPP), and the use of archived ITS databases.
  • Data Business Planning. Each transportation agency is faced with many challenges and needs with regard to the availability of data and information to support business operations. The need for more transparency and accountability; better methods to integrate data from multiple sources; and processes and systems to reduce redundancy and promote consistency in data results have resulted in the need for data business planning. One of the ways to address these and other data-related needs is through the establishment of a structured data management program and data governance framework.  Cambridge Systematics has provided databusiness planning services to Alaska, Colorado, Caltrans, Minnesota, and Georgia.
  • Programming Custom Application Development. The power of geographic information systems (GIS) in transportation lies in applying geographic data and geospatial technologies to improve decision-making. Cambridge Systematics has developed many GIS-based applications, ranging from mapping and inventory systems to GIS-based travel demand modeling. GIS is used to store, integrate, analyze, and map spatially defined data, including travel patterns, demographics, land use, economic, and environmental databases. Cambridge Systematics provides Internet-based mapping services to meet client and project needs.
  • Decision Support Tools. Our decision support tools enable our customers to manage their assets more effectively, protect the transportation infrastructure, and ensure safety on the nation’s highways. We have developed a number of leading tools, customized and optimized for each client. Cambridge Systematics’ tools include Interchange Management System (IMS), the ITS Deployment Analysis System (IDAS), and the Project Prioritization Tool (Prioritas). Cambridge Systematics also develops customized systems to meet the specific needs of clients. We have successfully deployed decision support tools for Federal, state, regional, and local clients.
  • Transportation Asset Management Information System Development. Effective asset management requires a robust information system (TAMIS) to support decision-making. Cambridge Systematics has worked with a variety of state and regional clients to provide guidance on data needs, organizational structures, integration strategies, and data governance.

Why Cambridge Systematics

Cambridge Systematics offers unique, domain-specific data management services and products that enable our transportation clients to efficiently integrate data into transporta­tion management. We understand multimodal capital planning and programming, traffic operations, freight logistics, CVO, and asset management; and the role that information technologies can play in supporting efficient and effective decision-making. Collecting, cleaning, accessing, analyzing, and displaying data are critical elements of successfully accomplishing key missions such as safety, mobility, economic competitiveness, and community preservation.

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