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Cambridge Systematics is committed to ensuring client success — no matter how complex the challenge. We pride ourselves on working closely with our clients — from understanding their underlying needs to supporting effective decision-making and implementation. By providing innovative policy and planning solutions, objective analysis, and technology applications, we help our clients meet future transportation needs while improving the performance of existing infrastructure and operations.

Asset Management

Cost-effective management of transportation infrastructure is a critical challenge facing transportation agencies. Asset management demands more than departmental budgeting for maintenance and repairs to bridges and roads; it requires alignment of strategies, operations, and analyses to ensure the smooth and cost-effective movement of passengers and goods. Cambridge Systematics is recognized nationally for our leadership in transportation asset management and has supported the implementation of asset management plans and policies for a variety of state, MPO, and transit agency partners.  more

Economic Analysis

Transportation is a critical element of success for regions competing in today’s global economy. Public and private leaders seek to invest in transportation systems that will ensure each region’s success in global markets. In addition, decision-makers seek clear, rigorous, and timely analysis of how much economic benefit will be generated from competing infrastructure investments. Cambridge Systematics is recognized nationally for its work with federal, state, and local agencies to plan and manage transportation systems in a way that supports broader economic goals. We also apply our core skills in consensus-building, strategic planning, market research, and decision support to help establish state and regional economic development strategies.  more

Environment and Transportation

Cambridge Systematics is deeply committed to sustaining our environment and conserving natural resources – ensuring that a healthy environment and top quality transportation services go hand in hand. Our environmental initiative assists communities and transportation agencies in planning and implementing sustainable transportation systems that will meet the needs of our growing economy while contributing to a better environment. Our environmental practice focuses on transportation climate change policy, mobile source greenhouse gas emissions analysis and reduction strategies, as well as in integrating environmental and climate change considerations into policy-level decisions.  more


Developing accurate and credible forecasts for some of the most challenging and visible modeling projects in the nation has earned Cambridge Systematics international recognition. Our clients benefit from our technical skill, practical solutions, and dedication to improving transportation. For more than 40 years, we have developed and applied high-powered and common sense analytical techniques to guide our independent thinking and objective analysis. In fact, we contributed to and in some cases developed many of the travel demand forecasting practices in use in the transportation industry today. more

Freight Systems & Intermodal Planning

Freight mobility is an increasingly important issue to states and regions that are concerned with economic development and market competitiveness. For more than 20 years, Cambridge Systematics has been a leader in articulating and addressing the challenges of managing freight transportation. From formulation of national freight policies with the U.S. DOT and the National Cooperative Highway Research Program (NCHRP) to the development of freight plans and models for dozens of states, MPOs, and local agencies, we understand how to balance competing demands for mobility, safety, and security. more

GIS & Data Management

Safety, mobility, economic competitiveness, regulatory compliance, and community preservation all depend on the ability to collect, analyze, and display relevant and accurate data. Geospatial analysis and tools improve the speed and accuracy of decision-making in all of these areas by turning complex volumes of data into powerfully displayed communication of transportation alternatives. Cambridge Systematics has been perfecting the integration of our data analysis and geospatial technology services with our transportation domain expertise for more than 15 years. more

Operations & Simulation

Today’s transportation leaders must focus on system operations and performance as well as system expansion. Cambridge Systematics is a recognized leader in the development of strategies and application of technologies to improve operations performance — including highways, transit, and freight — at the national, state, corridor, and local levels. We are a recognized leader in ITS policy, planning, and program development, and have developed some of the nation’s leading ITS planning and evaluation tools. We want our clients to make the most of their transportation resources. more

Performance Management

With the use of performance data in decision-making on the rise, Cambridge Systematics brings an unparalleled level of expertise on the uses and applications of performance management to our clients today. Our extensive experience with all levels of government to develop and apply practical approaches to performance management results in a clear understanding of the needs and issues that these clients face in implementing performance management within their agencies. Through our research and examination of performance management, target-setting, and data management processes of national, state and local transportation agencies, governments, other public entities, and private companies, Cambridge Systematics is well positioned to work with our clients to support their performance management programs. more

Policy, Strategic Planning, & Management

Transportation leaders turn to Cambridge Systematics for strategic planning, policy analysis, and management advice. We are known for our ability to develop innovative and sound solutions to address complex transportation issues, present and future. Through long-term partnerships with our clients — including the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO), state departments of transportation (DOT), and metropolitan planning organizations (MPO) — we have influenced the development of effective transportation policies and helped design and implement effective management solutions throughout the United States and around the world. more

Rail Planning

Railroads are experiencing new attention from public policy-makers seeking to reduce highway congestion through expanded rail options for accommodating increasing freight volumes, to enhance energy independence through energy-efficient movement of people and goods, and to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from transportation sources. Cambridge Systematics is at the forefront of this rail renaissance as a national leader in all aspects of passenger and freight rail planning. We have extensive experience in the areas of freight and passenger rail planning, operations, policy, program development, and in making the link between rail investment and economic development.  more

Software & Information Technology Consulting

Cambridge Systematics is a leading, full-service provider of software development and information technology services to the transportation industry. We make our clients more productive and efficient by combining our extensive knowledge and experience in transportation with superb skills in information technology. We offer a suite of off-the-shelf products to help our clients solve common problems. We also develop customized solutions tailored to meet our clients' specific business needs. From small, stand-alone desktop solutions to sophisticated enterprise-wide web applications, we leverage our technology and experience to deliver valuable and effective solutions. more

Supply Chain & Logistics

Cambridge Systematics helps clients refine their supply chain strategies through its deep international and domestic supply chain experience and rigorous use of fact-based quantitative and qualitative analysis. more


For more than 35 years, Cambridge Systematics has helped plan, improve, and develop transit systems across the country. Our staff are experienced in a variety of settings, whether navigating Federal funding requirements, coordinating transit with local land use and economic development plans and policies, or conducting technical analyses that support good decision-making about transit investments. We are experienced with the full range of transit modes and services, from bus rapid transit (BRT) and streetcars, to light and heavy rail. Our clients include the Federal Transit Administration (FTA), transit agencies, metropolitan planning organizations, state departments of transportation, and research programs. In each assignment, Cambridge Systematics seeks to surpass objectives, advance the state of the practice, and deliver the highest quality work to our clients.  more

Transportation Safety

Cambridge Systematics is deeply committed to improving the safety of our transportation system. For nearly a decade we have conducted safety-related research, developed safety plans and programs for Federal and state agencies, and deployed information systems that make highways and other modes of transportation safer. Our safety work builds upon the core capabilities of the firm, including data collection and quantitative analysis, information systems, geographic information systems, commercial vehicle operations, freight analysis, and the development of statewide and regional transportation plans. more

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