Cambridge Systematics Operations and Simulation

Today’s transportation leaders must focus on system operations and performance as well as system expansion. Cambridge Systematics is a recognized leader in the development of strategies and application of technologies to improve operations performance — including highways, transit, and freight — at the national, state, corridor, and local levels. We are a recognized leader in ITS policy, planning, and program development, and have developed some of the nation’s leading ITS planning and evaluation tools. We want our clients to make the most of their transportation resources.


Intelligent transportation systems (ITS) and operational improvements become increasingly central to effective transportation management as agencies focus on making better use of today’s infrastructure rather than deploying scarce resources to build additional capacity. Our leadership in ITS policy, planning, and program development has led to advancing some of the nation’s leading ITS planning and evaluation tools. Cambridge Systematics helps our clients create strategies, data management systems, and analysis tools to improve the operation of the transportation system. more

Transportation Operations

Cambridge Systematics helps state and regional transportation agencies make the most of their transportation resources. In today’s environment, agencies are under pressure to demonstrate that investments in technology are improving mobility and safety. Cambridge Systematics has a proven track record of delivering practical strategies, analyses, performance measures, and evaluations that deliver results. more

Transportation Analysis and Simulation

Cambridge Systematics is a leader in the development and use of simulation models for analysis of transportation investments. Our extensive experience in modeling multimodal transportation gives Cambridge Systematics critical knowledge in this field. We apply our expertise to assist our clients in making complex infrastructure decisions with a focus on large-scale networks, integrating macroscopic, mesoscopic, and microscopic models, and developing new techniques and guidance for simulation.  more


Cambridge Systematics provides a range of technical services and information systems to states in support of the Federally-sponsored Commercial Vehicle Information Systems and Networks (CVISN) program. Our work has spanned the entire CVISN life cycle, from developing CVISN Project Plans, to serving as CVISN advisors in multiple states, and designing and implementing CVISN-compliant information systems. more

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