Information Systems That Support CVO

Cambridge Systematics provides a range of technical services and information systems to states in support of the Federally-sponsored Commercial Vehicle Information Systems and Networks (CVISN) program. CVISN provides states with an architectural framework to follow when deploying capabilities in three key areas:

  • Credentials Administration — Enables motor carriers to apply, pay for, and receive various operating credentials online
  • Safety Assurance — Supports activities and systems that improve the safety of commercial vehicle operations (CVO)
  • Electronic Screening — Provides information systems and roadside technologies that enable enforcement personnel to identify “high-risk” vehicles and drivers

Our work has spanned the entire CVISN life cycle, from developing CVISN Project Plans, to serving as CVISN advisors in multiple states, and designing and implementing CVISN-compliant information systems.

Helping States with Key CVISN Needs

Collage of CVISN screen shots and moving truck

Connecticut is one of the first states in the nation to fully deploy the CVISN architecture. more

Cambridge Systematics provided domain expertise to the technical staff at Johns Hopkins University during the initial development of CVISN standards. Our expertise bridged the gap between the business requirements for CVISN and the definition of technical standards. Since then, Cambridge Systematics has expanded our role so that today we help states with a number of key needs:

  • Development of business requirements and state-specific design and architecture plans
  • Customization, implementation, and ongoing support of state CVISN systems
  • System integration
  • User training

CVISN Results

Working with Cambridge Systematics, many state CVISN programs are producing positive results, including:

  • Reduced turnaround time for credential requests

  • Access to systems 24/7

  • Better targeting of high-risk motor carriers

  • Improved customer service

  • More timely, accurate, and accessible motor carrier information for authorized users

  • Elimination of labor intensive and outdated business processes

Implement CVISN in Your State

CVISN offers states the opportunity to become more efficient and effective in handling commercial vehicle operations, while allowing greater oversight on carriers and improving safety.

Other Cambridge Systematics Commercial Vehicle Operations & Safety Tools

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