Transportation Operations

Cambridge Systematics helps state and regional transportation agencies make the most of their transportation resources. In today’s environment, agencies are under pressure to demonstrate that invest­ments in technology are improving mobility and safety. Cambridge Systematics has a proven track record of delivering practical strategies, analyses, performance measures, and evaluations that deliver results.

Operations Management Lifecycle

Planning for Operations

Cambridge Systematics is a recognized leader in working with clients to identify and prioritize needs, develop detailed plans, and build consensus with stakeholder groups to improve transportation operations. We assist agencies in incorporating operations in the planning process, for example:

  • Prepared an ITS predeployment plan in Michigan to define ITS deployment and operation.
  • Using traffic simulation, developed a financial plan for California’s Transportation Management Systems resulting in securing multi-year funding for Operations.

Operations Management

Known for our analytical decision-support expertise in transportation, we are uniquely qualified to define and develop data collection and management systems and analytical tools to understand current system performance, provide operations support, and fine-tune program execution. We know how to transform data into information to save money, justify and manage investments more wisely, and improve mobility and safety.

  • Developed a TOS Equipment Management System in California to manage inventory, ensure the reliability and accuracy of data, and improve tracking of maintenance and operations.
  • Developed a workzone information system for Missouri DOT.

Monitoring and Evaluation

Cambridge Systematics applies objective methods that measure system effectiveness to improve operating performance, help justify funding, and deliver improved levels of service and better decision-making.

  • Developed and implemented the ITS Deployment Analysis System (IDAS) - a comprehensive analysis tool for determining the impacts, benefits, and costs of various ITS deployments.
  • Performed seminal ramp meter evaluation in the Twin Cities area leading to positive changes in the ramp metering system.

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