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Economics is about making choices and making the right transportation and economic development choices is critical to maintaining and enhancing economic competitiveness. Incorporating sound economic analysis into the planning and investment process is important because it promotes better decision-making by providing insight into the tradeoffs of investment choices. Cambridge Systematics is a pioneer and leader in developing and applying economic analysis for transportation and economic development planning and policy.

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Economic Analysis for Transportation Planning and Policy.

Why Cambridge Systematics

Cambridge Systematics is nationally recognized for our work with Federal, state, local, and international agencies to plan and manage multimodal transportation systems to meet economic goals. We specialize in conducting objective, credible, and defensible economic analysis by employing data-driven, stakeholder-led processes. Our work has improved the understanding of the link between transportation and economic investment strategies through evaluating improvements of corridors of national significance, analyzing the value of investment in some of the nation’s largest public transit systems, and developing cutting-edge analytical tools to help clients understand and communicate the return on transportation investments.

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