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Transportation leaders turn to Cambridge Systematics for strategic planning, policy analysis, and management advice. We are known for our ability to develop innovative and sound solutions to address complex transportation issues, present and future. Through long-term partnerships with our clients - including FHWA, AASHTO, state DOTs, and MPOs - we have influenced the development of effective transportation policies and helped design and implement effective management solutions throughout the United States and around the world.

Transportation Policy

As the volume of passengers and goods moving across our aging infrastructure accelerates, the complexity of transportation planning, policy-setting, and decision-making is increasing. Transportation is no longer purely a matter of traffic; short- and long-term investments and benefits must be weighed, freight and passenger needs balanced, and the pressures of land use, environmental impact, and economic competitiveness considered. Cambridge Systematics is recognized for innovative and objective guidance to our clients in this intricate landscape. We offer a full range of research, policy development, strategic planning, and management consulting services to help transportation leaders deliver the most value today and in the future. more

Corridor & Systems Planning

Effective transportation systems planning at the state, corridor, and local levels is key to mobility, economic development, public safety, community satisfaction, and environmental stewardship. Whether at the local, regional, state, or national level, technically advanced and practical planning is needed to help clients achieve clear performance objectives and to be fiscally responsible. Cambridge Systematics takes a multidisciplinary approach to corridor and systems planning, often applying a range of expertise in analysis, forecasting, and intelligent transportation systems (ITS). more

Transportation Finance

Cambridge Systematics has been at the forefront of transportation finance for decades. Our research has resulted in nationally-publicized findings on transportation funding gaps and our revenue proposals will inform future transportation legislation. We apply this extensive national perspective to the state and local levels to guide transportation organizations in quantifying and understanding their own investment needs and funding capacity issues. Our work has helped articulate the urgent funding problems facing both the nation and localities, providing a catalyst for Federal response as well as action by state legislatures. Because we understand the risk and return criteria of private investors and the institutional constraints faced by public agencies, Cambridge Systematics is able to forge consensus and cooperation among diverse private firms and public agencies. more

Tolling & Road Pricing

Cambridge Systematics offers services related to forecasting demand and revenue of tolled highways and transit systems. Our staff prepares forecasts at all levels of detail, from exploratory feasibility studies through “investment-grade” studies that are used to support bond financing. Cambridge Systematics’ resources are unparalleled when it comes to constructing analytical models to assess the willingness of people to pay for transportation services. We have an internationally acclaimed travel demand modeling staff, as well as a full-service market research group. We supplement these superb technical skills with documentation and presentation skills that are tailored to the specific needs and concerns of the financial community. more

Asset Management

Cost-effective management of transportation infrastructure is a critical challenge facing transportation agencies. Asset management demands more than departmental budgeting for maintenance and repairs to bridges and roads; it requires alignment of strategies, operations, and analyses to ensure the smooth and cost-effective movement of passengers and goods. Cambridge Systematics is recognized nationally for our leadership in transportation asset management and has supported the implementation of asset management plans and policies for a variety of state, MPO, and transit agency partners. more

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