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Transportation planners and policy-makers have a growing interest in railroads as a means to enhance energy independence, reduce highway congestion, and decrease greenhouse gas emissions from other transportation sources. This burgeoning demand for rail services is causing many agencies to expand their rail planning capacity to address passenger and freight railroad challenges.

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Cambridge Systematics can help agencies with their rail service needs by providing:

Why Cambridge Systematics

Cambridge Systematics has the experience to provide effective solutions in a wide range of rail planning services. We can provide passenger and freight market analyses, system performance measures, benefit/cost analyses, and support for public and private rail planners. Our experts can help with integrating passenger and freight rail plans and in tailoring project prioritization tools to allocate scarce resources to rail projects that meet distinct state needs. We have worked on local, statewide, and national railroad projects and committees to support planning, analysis, and ridership/revenue forecasts and evaluations. We have worked extensively for both private freight railroads and public agencies and facilitated communication between sectors to manage public investments on private facilities. Cambridge Systematics works to ensure the maximum return on every investment agencies make in passenger and freight rail projects and we have a track record for success.

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