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Some folks have suggested the introduction of self-driving cars, with their potentially significantly lower crash rates, could spell the end of the heyday of the auto-insurance industry. Digital music did it for the recording industry, will self-driving cars do it for the auto insurance industry?
As reported in the Washington Post, WMATA has adopted OneBusAway - an enterprise open source package for real-time information delivery - as its new platform for delivering real-time information to Metrobus riders.  Washington DC joins New York City, Tampa, and the Seattle/Puget Sound region as the largest OneBusAway deployments in the US.
We cannot silo external communication about our workplace (recruitment) and our work (marketing communication) from internal communication. Effective internal communication builds the engaged, consistently informed employee base that serves as our brand ambassadors. This adds credibility and lift to our efforts to recruit more great talent and to tell our buying audiences about the work they do.
  Why integrate economic analysis in transportation planning?