Community Involvement

Cambridge Systematics - Community Involvement

Our dedication to building more livable communities and enriching quality of life goes beyond the work we do for clients. Our richly diverse community involvement responds to community need because it is driven locally by the talents and interests of the individuals working in each of our offices across the country, while it supports our focus on education and transportation.

Cambridge Systematics’ employees also make immeasurable contributions, and we fully support their efforts through financial backing, flexible schedules to allow for volunteerism, and staff outings and team building initiatives built around community contributions.

Women in Transportation 

Developing the future leaders in Transportation is a cornerstone of Cambridge Systematics’ commitment to our industry. Our most recent trailblazers to put this into action were Lisa Destro and Daniela Waltersdorfer, who presented to girls in grades 6 through 12 at the WTS-Boston’s Transportation You Summit. The Summit was a hands-on, interactive mentoring program that offered young girls an introduction to a wide variety of transportation careers. Our experts taught about supply chains—and made them fun—in their presentation: How do you get your stuff, and how does transportation fit in?

“We wanted the girls to think through how the things we use in daily life get to our house or to the stores where we buy them,” said Destro. “I think the girls were most excited to learn about different modes of transportation, industry challenges and the people working to solve these challenges.”

“Our goal was to show these girls one way that STEM can help solve real-world problems,” said Waltersdorfer. “Transportation is a big part of day-to-day life and these girls have the potential to be the industry’s next innovators.”

Cambridge Systematics supports education and future transportation

Education plays a large role in the Cambridge Systematics philosophy – starting with our inception over 45 years ago by four MIT professors and their colleague, and continuing now with educational and development opportunities for our staff and programs such as mentoring middle school students who are interested in future STEM careers.

This year, CS made a $1,000 charitable donation to each of twelve nonprofits that help support education and/or transportation. Click here to see which organizations our twelve offices chose to receive the donation.