Opportunity & Advancement

Opportunities at Cambridge Systematics

An employee-owned company, Cambridge Systematics provides a community of peers who are invested in your success. We offer connection, support and opportunity on a learning path that helps you envision your career goals and the steps you'll take to reach them. Link here to information on the Associates Boot Camp, our newest program for deep learning and for building a CS network. 

For our consulting team members, working alongside industry leaders from diverse business lines means building skills, competencies and expertise as you contribute to a range of initiatives including some of the country's most visible transportation initiatives. We provide meaningful recognition and rewards—including shared ownership and the opportunity to earn the role of Principal of the firm—to those who exemplify our core values, exceed expectation, and achieve in ways that drive us to excel.

Members of our corporate services team enjoy a collaborative, challenging and rewarding work environment. Each of our corporate services groups is structured to provide valued counsel to internal clients and to help ensure that the firm meets its key objectives. In addition to developing community with our offices and client groups, even when geographically diverse we build strong comradery and teamwork within the corporate services arena. We’re committed to professional development for our corporate services staff within their areas of professional interest and expertise, and we offer tracks for advancement to senior roles including Principals of the firm.