We add value to clients at every level of government and in the private sector. Most important, we draw on our experience from one market to benefit others. For example, we bring to Federal projects the insights gleaned from our work with state and local stakeholders. Our clients choose Cambridge Systematics for our deep expertise, innovative approaches and pragmatic solutions.

The Federal Government relies on Cambridge Systematics to plan for and navigate the toughest transportation challenges while shaping our transportation infrastructure. 

Since our inception in 1972, Cambridge Systematics has served as a critical link, drawing on best practices and key perspectives from our Federal, state and local experience.

Nearly every state in the country has turned to Cambridge Systematics to improve transportation for its citizens and businesses.  Tailoring our proven approaches to the specific needs of each client, we support all major transportation planning and analytical needs, bringing to bear the full range of our services. 

Cambridge Systematics is a leader in transportation planning and management at the local and regional levels. Staff are experienced in a variety of settings, whether navigating Federal funding requirements, coordinating services with local land use and economic development plans and policies, or conducting technical analyses that support good decision-making about transportation investments. 

Firms and organizations across industries and around the globe look to Cambridge Systematics for our expertise, leadership and understanding of government policies.

Clients across the Americas and in Europe, Asia, and Australia seek Cambridge Systematics’ expertise for projects spanning all transportation modes. Our initiatives range from state-of-the-industry travel models for cities around the world to national and city strategic transportation plans.