Transportation consulting and technology leader Cambridge Systematics launches innovative new logo, tagline and website

Cambridge, MA – At the year’s largest event in the U.S. transportation sector—the Transportation Research Board’s (TRB) 95th annual meeting in Washington, DC—industry leader Cambridge Systematics announced last night the launch of its new visual identity and website.  The launch took place at Cambridge Systematics’ open house during the TRB meeting Tuesday evening.

The hundreds of guests were greeted with signage that welcomed them to the new look of Cambridge Systematics, encouraged them to ask about the meaning behind the brand, and invited them to stop by one of the computers in the room to take a tour through the new website.

“We conducted extensive research with a wide variety of stakeholders,” said company president and Chief Executive Officer Brad Wright, “which led us to an identity that better reflects our reputation for forward-looking innovation; flexible, responsive collaboration; and a drive to build on our history of leadership.” In describing Cambridge Systematics, stakeholders who participated in the research called the company intelligent, strategic, innovative, responsive, collaborative, and a vanguard. They praised its track record and its ability to build relationships and rapport. One stated that the firm is “able to interpret what the client actually needs, provide leadership to assist the client to understand potential solutions using national trends and deliver the product on time and in budget.” The most commonly stated belief was that the Cambridge Systematics brand instills confidence.

The new logo, tagline and website capture the 40+ year story of Cambridge Systematics by portraying the most innovative, collaborative and energetic brand in the transportation consulting and technology sector. 

A changeable tagline

For example, while the second word in the tagline always says “forward,” the first word changes to reflect the broad range of Cambridge Systematics’ work and the flexibility of its approach. “We are constantly thinking, innovating, moving toward the future, and moving ourselves and our clients forward,” said Cambridge Systematics Chief Operating Officer Steve Capecci. The flexibility is part of the culture; each company employee chose from among more than 30 tagline words and from among four designs when selecting a newly branded business card. Through the agile tagline alone, the identity encompasses Think>Forward to Solve, Imagine, Innovate and Lead>forward, and much more.

A path to the future, built on history

The vibrant color of the new logo, and its abstract image of a path into the future, represent that—as it has for more than 40 years—Cambridge Systematics puts its considerable energy and integrity into its work and relationships. Said Capecci, “the logo says that we don’t take shortcuts. We are leaders on the path to the best work, the right answers, and the future of transportation.”

A website for seeking and delivering answers, and fostering collaboration

Research revealed that stakeholders sought a website that intuitively could answer their questions, especially important for navigating the vast array of Cambridge Systematics’ capabilities. The first thing that visitors see on the new website is a question: “How can we help you?” Answering the question spurs the website to create a new, custom home page in response to the visitor’s interests. “We expect everyone at Cambridge Systematics to be flexible, responsive and collaborative” said Wright, “so why shouldn’t the website behave the same way?”  He added, “Throughout the website, we introduce you to the people who have expertise on each topic—with their picture and contact information—so you can reach out and start collaborating right away.”

Cambridge Systematics wants to continue receiving input from clients and other stakeholders to help inform its brand experience at its Add Your Word web page. Just as employees nominated the words that can be rotated into the company’s tag line, this site will collect words and phrases that reflect and help shape the ongoing Cambridge Systematics story.

For more information on the Cambridge Systematics brand, contact Dina Wolfman Baker, Director of Marketing and Communication, at or 617 354 0167.

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