Automated Enforcement and Highway Safety

November 2013

The objectives of the Automated Enforcement and Highway Safety Research study were to conduct a literature review of national research related to the effectiveness of Red Light Camera (RLC) programs in changing crash frequency, crash severity, crash costs, and violations; to identify red light running program noteworthy practices, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and barriers; establish a record of current RLC applications in Louisiana communities and the observed safety impact of the programs; conduct a survey to understand public perception of RLC programs in Louisiana; review the existing statewide RLC policy, compare it to noteworthy practices, and identify potential improvements; and develop a guidebook for implementing red light camera programs. The research led to recommendations to modify state policy to improve public support for RLC. Potential modifications include enhanced public education programs, additional signage and clarification on the determination of right turn on red violations at signalized intersections with red light cameras. The research also includes recommendations to maximize local agency involvement in site selection.