Florida Safe Mobility for Life

Florida Department of Transportation


Develop a comprehensive program to improve transportation safety for mature drivers and pedestrians in Florida through education and awareness, training, and outreach with an added benefit of improved safety for all road users.

Florida’s Challenge

Florida leads the nation with 18 percent of its population age 65 or older. By the year 2020, one of four Florida residents will be over age 64, and half of them will be 75 or older.

Our Approach

To meet this challenge, Cambridge Systematics worked with the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) to develop the Safe Mobility for Life program with educational, outreach, and training materials to improve the safety and driving competency of older adults.

Safe Mobility for Life is supported by a unique identity to set the effort apart from other older driver programs in Florida and a suite of marketing and communication tools, including a fact sheet, a brochure on FDOT’s Elder Road User strategic plan, tip cards highlighting specific infrastructure improvements, and a web site (www.SafeandMobileSeniors.org). The web site is a comprehensive guide to state and national transportation safety resources. It provides one-stop shopping with vital information on road users, vehicles, the roadway, alternative transportation, and traffic laws. The web site benefits seniors, families, caregivers, aging service providers, law enforcement, local governments, planners, engineers, Community Traffic Safety Teams, and all others interested in promoting safety and mobility for Florida’s elder citizens.

Cambridge Systematics also created and delivered a training course based on the Federal Highway Administration’s (FHWA) Older Driver Design Handbook for Older Drivers and Pedestrians, and other documents. The course used FDOT guidelines and is tailored to address Florida’s roadways, design standards, and competing design practices such as Context Sensitive Design/Solutions and Livable Communities. The courseware was designed for adaptability to a variety of audiences, including engineers, transportation planners, public works personnel, and local elected officials.

Project Results

SafeandMobileSeniors.org was launched in July 2008 and receives an average of 100 hits per month. The content and user-friendly design prompted other states to consider development of a similar product. To make sure the web site met the needs of users, Cambridge Systematics scheduled a series of pilot tests and developed a guidebook with questions seniors might want to look up on the site. Uniquely designed tip cards on countdown pedestrian signals, advance street signs, and roundabouts explain infrastructure designs that improve safety for everyone, especially elder citizens. Trained local engineers and transportation planners are promoting best practice roadway design and planning elements to ensure Safe Mobility for Life.