Georgia Statewide Freight and Logistics Plan 2010-2050

Georgia Department of Transportation


Develop a comprehensive freight and logistics statewide plan for the Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) to help improve and grow the State’s freight- and logistics-related industries, and ultimately increase future economic benefits for the State of Georgia.

Our Approach

To develop a plan that satisfies the needs of both public and private stakeholders for investing in freight and logistics, Cambridge Systematics worked with GDOT to:

  • Create a Plan Development Advisory Committee and a Stakeholder Outreach Plan;
  • Develop a strategic freight and logistics framework, including a description of the supply, demand, and deficiencies for each freight mode in Georgia;
  • Conduct an economic evaluation and scenario projection that describe the freight transportation needs of key industries in Georgia and established potential future growth trajectories for freight and logistics; and
  • Provide recommendations and project evaluation report that describe the traffic and economic impacts for improvements considered in Georgia’s freight corridors.

Project Results

The Georgia Statewide Freight & Logistics Plan 2010-2050 was developed by a partnership of public and private stakeholders. It combines in-depth technical analysis across each freight mode and stakeholder involvement from several GDOT departments, the State of Georgia Governor’s office, the Georgia Department of Economic Development, and executive-level private-sector representatives. Working with these partners, we were able to identify and prioritize projects that have the potential to generate over $65 billion in additional economic output for Georgia through 2050. This analysis validated and advanced previous findings in the Georgia Statewide Strategic Transportation Plan and the 2008 Governor’s Task Force on Freight and Logistics.

The Georgia Statewide Freight & Logistics Plan 2010-2050 was one of nine recipients of a 2012 Federal Highway Administration Transportation Planning Excellence Awards. The plan was recognized for its innovations in Freight Planning, Planning Leadership, and Public- and Private-Sector Involvement and Outreach. The Georgia Statewide Freight and Logistics Action Plan can be viewed here.