Indianapolis Metropolitan Planning Area 2035 Long-Range Transportation Plan

Indianapolis Metropolitan Planning Organization


Update the Long-Range Transportation Plan (LRTP) for the Indianapolis Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO). Define an objective process to evaluate and select transportation strategies that best address regional needs. Explore trade-offs between funding the region's highway and transit programs, in terms of overall system performance.

Our Approach

Cambridge Systematics developed a performance-based planning process to guide decisions regarding transportation funding in the Indianapolis region. The framework included the following elements:

  • Evaluate the region’s existing transportation goals, to provide a basis for subsequent evaluation throughout the planning process;
  • Identify a series of performance measures for network, corridor and project analysis, that could be used to evaluate funding options and monitor progress toward regional goals;
  • Establish funding and performance targets for the following program areas: pavement preservation, bridge preservation, roadway expansion, bicycle and pedestrian facilities, transit, and operations and determine the future performance of each; and
  • Develop and implement a process for prioritizing potential projects based on expected impact on system performance and cost/benefit analysis.

Project Results

The Indianapolis MPO developed a fiscally constrained transportation plan that will improve regional mobility, meet air quality requirements, and support regional land use and economic development policies.

One of the distinguishing features of the updated 2035 LRTP is its emphasis on expansion of the transit and bicycle-pedestrian networks. This emphasis has met with wide support from a broad array of community stakeholders. Roadway capacity will still be enhanced in selected areas.

The multimodal elements of the 2035 LRTP will supplement the roadway system, and provide an increased array of choices to travelers. Another main component of this update is the diversion of roadway capacity resources to roadway system preservation and maintenance. This emphasis reflects the reality that the useful life of many roadway projects constructed during the large network expansion of the 60s and 70s is reaching its end.

The 2035 LRTP also incorporates a number of new planning and technical methods to ensure that regional challenges were effectively addressed. These include:

  • An unprecedented public outreach process referred to as “Indy Connect,” which leverages analysis conducted by a private-sector coalition of interests concerned about transportation issues in Central Indiana;
  • Utilizing new tools, including a new travel demand model; and
  • Expanding its scope beyond roadway capacity, to explore appropriate levels of investment in transit, bicycle-pedestrian facilities, and preservation of the existing system at acceptable levels.

The final 2035 Long-Range Transportation Plan can be viewed here.