Tennessee Motorcycle Strategic Safety Plan

Tennessee Department of Transportation


Develop a Motorcycle Safety Strategic Plan (MSSP) for the State of Tennessee that builds on the Strategic Highway Safety Plan and provides the groundwork toward reducing the number of fatalities by two percent annually from 2015-2019.

Our Approach

CS provided support services and technical assistance in the preparation of a briefing book for the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) motorcycle safety assessment, development and management of a Tennessee Motorcycle Safety Coalition, and development and coordination of a MSSP to present to the Tennessee Highway Safety Office (THSO), formerly known as the Governor’s Highway Safety Office (GHSO). After the NHTSA program assessment, we facilitated statewide stakeholder round table meetings to identify and document motorcycle safety efforts statewide and obtain feedback on potential MSSP goals, objectives, and performances measures.  After the roundtable meetings, CS provided technical support to the THSO to initiate and convene a coalition of motorcycle safety stakeholders and professionals from across the State. The coalition met to review the data and input from the assessment and roundtable meetings and develop a strategic plan to address the State’s most pressing and data-driven motorcycle safety issues. The group includes representatives from the 4 E’s (enforcement, education, engineering, and emergency medical services), including the Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT), Motorcycle Rider Education Program (MREP), state and local law enforcement, trauma professionals, motorcycle rider groups, and motorcycle dealers.


The NHTSA assessment recommendations and roundtable and coalition feedback was used to develop Tennessee’s first Motorcycle Safety Strategic Plan. The State of Tennessee was the 2015 State Motorcycle Safety Association (SMSA) Outstanding State award recipient for its Motorcycle Safety Program and Strategic Plan.

“The 2015 SMSA Outstanding State Award was presented to the Tennessee Department of Safety and the Governors Highway Safety Office in recognition of its comprehensive state motorcycle safety program for implementing strategies that are successful, effective and can be measured, evaluated and serve as best practices.” - SMSA