Massachusetts Strategic Highway Safety Plan

September 2013

In 2006, Massachusetts presented the Strategic Highway Safety Plan (SHSP), a statewide, comprehensive safety plan that provided a coordinated framework for reducing fatalities and serious injuries on the State’s surface transportation network. With input from Federal, state, local, and private sector safety stakeholders, six emphasis areas were identified for the 2006 plan. An emphasis area covers a contributing crash factor. It is important to note crashes nearly always involve more than a single contributing crash factor. In 2012, the State undertook a revision to expand and improve upon the significant accomplishments in traffic safety and reductions in fatalities and serious injuries Massachusetts has achieved since the plan was first developed. To simplify SHSP organization and direction, safety stakeholders grouped the emphasis areas into three tiers to focus attention on the traffic safety problems exhibited by each area. These three tiers are labeled, Strategic, Proactive, and Emerging.