Operations Data Analytics

Developing and applying state-of-the-practice modeling and simulation for system performance and reliability, complex policy questions and investment decisions.  


  • September 2017

    Recent research efforts, such as the Integrated Corridor Management (ICM) Analysis, Modeling, and Simulation (AMS) project, Strategic Highway Research Program (SHRP) 2 C10 project and SHRP2 L08 project, have demonstrated that existing AMS tools have limited capabilities to properly reflect the impacts of a proactive management approach on driver behavior through the full trip chain.

  • December 2013

    Traffic modeling, particularly mesoscopic-microscopic hybrid simulation, has played a key role in planning for the future of one of America’s shortest Interstates, the 1.3-mile Sheridan Expressway.

  • October 2013

    The objectives of SHRP 2 Project L08 are twofold. The first objective is to incorporate nonrecurring congestion impacts into the HCM procedure.

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