Economic Analysis

Sound economic analysis means better decision making across the spectrum of transportation investments, from discrete projects to complete transportation systems. At Cambridge Systematics, our contributions to the field include many of the economic analysis processes and tools used across the country today. 

Our practice encompasses Benefit Cost Analysis (BCA), Economic Impact Analysis (EIA), and Return on Investment (ROI), and our experience spans all transportation modes, operational improvements, pricing strategies, and decision-making for Federal, state, and local agencies.

For our clients, our expertise means significantly enhanced decision-making as well as an ability to communicate to stakeholders the benefits arising from investments.

TIERS: A Better Framework for Economic Analysis 

Incorporating economic analysis into the transportation planning process provides critical information for the transportation investment decision making process. To help increase credibility and stakeholder buy-in to the economic analysis process at transportation agencies, Cambridge Systematics has developed the TIERS framework: the Transportation Impact and Economic Return System. 

The TIERS framework combines Cambridge Systematics’ proven tools, data and processes to conduct benefit/cost and economic analyses that provide a multi-layer approach to addressing a full spectrum of projects and needs. The framework offers the flexibility, transparency, credibility and efficiency to help agencies improve their economic analyses.

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