Planning & Policy

Modeling Transportation Impacts

Comprehensive analyses allow communities to properly address concerns of mobility, accessibility, economic development, community satisfaction and environmental stewardship. Our analytic frameworks enable agencies at all levels to evaluate the travel demand, economic, environmental, and financial opportunities of multimodal transportation investments, including roadway, transit, non-motorized, and transportation demand management approaches.

Survey Design and Survey Sampling

Gleaning accurate information about who is traveling on the transportation system and for what purpose is critical to all transportation planning and investment. Survey design is about asking the right questions, and survey sampling involves directing those questions toward the right people. We are a recognized leader in the development and design of transportation surveys, including the design and use of stated- and revealed-preference surveys and the development of sampling plans.

Systems Engineering Architecture Planning

ITS architectures map the flow of information between communications, transportation, and organizational assets, and they incorporate inputs from cross-functional stakeholders. Cambridge Systematics has extensive experience developing small- and large-scale ITS architectures to integrate ITS applications and services. We are experts in all aspects of architecture planning, including establishing the operational concept, determining functional requirements and system interfaces, conducting standards identification and applicability, and determining funding-based project sequencing.

Climate Adaptation and Extreme Weather Resiliency

Climate change and extreme weather are pressing issues for transportation agencies. Stressors can be unpredictable, and vary across regions. CS integrates climate change resiliency into transportation planning activities, a more effective—and cost-effective—approach than taking sporadic steps toward adaptation. Our research, risk assessment and analysis are instrumental in protecting transportation systems and assets.

Multimodal System Planning

Cambridge Systematics is a recognized leader in conducting multimodal transportation system and corridor plans and studies for complex projects throughout the country. We have led major investment studies, environmental impact statements (EIS), alternatives analysis and feasibility studies for all transportation modes at the state, regional, corridor and subarea levels. Our expertise spans highway and roadway circulation, high-speed rail, commuter rail, light rail, bus rapid transit, bus service, intelligent transportation systems (ITS) and traffic operations analysis.