Performance-based Planning

Whether allocating existing funds or making the case for more funding, transportation agencies are facing increasing pressure to demonstrate accountability by measuring and reporting the impact of resource allocation decisions on transportation performance. Performance-based planning provides a level of transparency and objectivity that is critical for development of transportation investment plans.  A performance-based investment approach helps to communicate the strategic link between investment decisions and investment goals through clearly structured evaluation, monitoring and reporting methods.  In today’s financially constrained funding environment, it is even more critical to define the performance outcomes of various investment options to support funding decisions.

CS works closely with its clients to understand transportation challenges and develop performance-based planning and analysis methods that are tailored to each unique planning context.  Our planning and analytic tools are comprehensive, ensuring investments are evaluated across a number of transportation, economic, social and/or environmental dimensions.  They are designed to support critical “tradeoff” decisions for our clients which have to weigh funding outcomes across various transportation strategies, modes, and assets.  CS brings a level of thoughtfulness, creativity, and technical expertise to each project and plan to ensure an objective, performance-based approach is delivered.


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