Mobility Software

With increasing demands on local transportation, consumers and transit agencies need better coordinated, comprehensive mobility options. Mobility management, a strategic approach to service coordination and customer service, is gaining interest worldwide in the public transportation sector. When implemented, it will move transit agencies away from their roles as fixed-route service operators, and toward collaboration with other transportation providers. The approach efficiently coordinates transit resources, enabling riders to make better decisions and experience improved customer service.

Mobility management starts with partnerships among a region’s transportation providers to expand the range of viable transportation options, and it encompasses communication to ensure the general public gains awareness of these options. Cambridge Systematics builds software based in open source standards to connect the many types of technology involved and facilitate partnerships across agencies. For example, through funding from the Federal Transit Administration’s Veterans Transportation and Community Living Initiative grant program, we developed 1-Click|CS, open source mobility management and cross-modal trip planning software that connects people who need transportation to education, work, health care, and other vital services in their communities. is a Pennsylvania-based website we developed; residents use it to identify and select their transportation options and book shared ride and fixed route trips. It is particularly helpful for those with special transportation needs, including seniors and people with disabilities, as the country’s first web-based resource of this type to integrate paratransit trip scheduling.

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