asset management

December 2019

To advance transit asset management, the Federal Transit Administration updated the Transit Asset Management Guide Supplement to provide detailed information about asset category organization and c

January 2017

Does your agency lack the tools to collect and harness the right information to make informed decisions for long-term transportation investments that optimize performance?

April 2013

State departments of transportation (DOT) need relevant and reliable information to support effective decision-making.

February 2013

Historically, asset management has been a critical, but under-represented element of the transportation planning process.

October 2013

The objectives of SHRP 2 Project L08 are twofold. The first objective is to incorporate nonrecurring congestion impacts into the HCM procedure.

Asset Management Software

Cambridge Systematics is a leader in identifying the technical and organizational challenges of asset management, and in developing the tools and solutions to overcome those challenges. As part of this work, we developed TransAM, the industry’s first open-source platform for managing transportation assets. TransAM pulls data from existing systems to create a comprehensive repository, while simultaneously establishing a roadmap for future capital expenditures by allocating funds to capital projects.

NCHRP Project 20-24(11)

Develop a guide to assist transportation agencies in implementing transportation asset management.

Project Prioritization and Tradeoff Analysis

Cost-effective asset management is essential for transportation agencies. Cambridge Systematics is recognized nationally for our leadership in this area both for our quantitative, data-driven take on asset management, and for our qualitative ability to align spending with policies. We blend our knowledge of data and its governance, organizations, software and systems, GIS, and information technology to pull together a complete picture of an agency’s current state. We understand the best practices and can help guide organizations in this direction.