transportation investment



Why integrate economic analysis in transportation planning? 

May 2013

Interstate 95 (I-95) in North Carolina is an important part of the local, regional, state, and national transportation system.

Planning Software

Planning is a complex process, and good planning requires high-quality information on transportation needs, services, and the costs and potential impacts of transportation investments. CS develops mobile and web-based software that improves planning through sharing important data, providing quality cost and benefit assessments, and facilitating the collaboration process.

Economic Analysis

Sound economic analysis means better decision making across the spectrum of transportation investments, from discrete projects to complete transportation systems. At Cambridge Systematics, our contributions to the field include many of the economic analysis processes and tools used across the country today. 

Our practice encompasses Benefit Cost Analysis (BCA), Economic Impact Analysis (EIA), and Return on Investment (ROI), and our experience spans all transportation modes, operational improvements, pricing strategies, and decision-making for Federal, state, and local agencies.